Huge Online Offering Spanning 4 Counties with Several Tracts!

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Date: TBA.
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This is early notice of another upcoming series of events offering NCDOT Residue Properties.  We are in the early stages of gathering information and taking photographs, etc. so stay tuned for updates! More info on these tracts will be attached soon as well as more info regarding the online auction dates.

County JPID PIN St. Address/ Legal Description City Acres Zoning Deed Book & Page Offers Pending Date the 10 Day Upset Period Ends
JOHNSTON 1 262318-41-7060 1597 Stevens Chapel Rd. Smithfield 0.23 GB 04434/0362 YES Feb. 8, 2021
JOHNSTON 2 165803-01-4024 2012 Scott Ct. Clayton 1.14 RES 1996/352 YES Feb. 8, 2021
NASH 3 384100369434 1841 Woodruff Rd. Rocky Mount 0.59 N/A 2459/226    
NASH 4 384100378099 1961 Woodruff Rd. Rocky Mount 0.27 N/A 2521/755    
NASH 5 384100378550 2045 Woodruff Rd. Rocky Mount 0.25 N/A 2469/833    
EDGECOMBE 6 & 7 3861-73-8687 & 3861-73-9638 NC-97 W (in the corner of Avalon Rd & Cool Spring Rd) Rocky Mount 0.32 R6 1542/0632    
EDGECOMBE 8 4737-64-7786 Jenkins St (right in across of 337 Bogey St., Tarboro, NC 27886) Tarboro 0.24 RA1 1107/0081    
EDGECOMBE 9 4757-21-0697 US 64 BYP Tarboro 8.39 AR30 1124/0444    
EDGECOMBE 10 4757-30-8351 About 2,200 ft from JPID 9 Tarboro 1.13 AR30 1124/0444    
WAYNE 11 2690522023 1008 N Lake Dr. Goldsboro 0.22 R6 1938/0871    
WAYNE 12 3601221537 Belfast Rd (across 203 Belfast Rd) Goldsboro 0.33 R-16 1811/0802    
WAYNE 13 3601222553 Belfast Rd (across 191 Belfast Rd) Goldsboro 0.54 R-16 1813/0421    
WAYNE 14 3610798359 3572 Wayne Memorial Dr. Goldsboro 0.17 VILLAGE-DIST 2450/0723    
WAYNE 15 3610799527 3592 Wayne Memorial Dr. Goldsboro 0.34 VILLAGE-DIST 2504/0096    
WAYNE 16 3610980576 321 Woodside Dr. Goldsboro 0.98 CS 1780/0666    
WAYNE 17 3610981682 319 Woodside Dr. Goldsboro 0.43 CS 1744/0533    
WAYNE 18 3610982750 317 Woodside Dr. Goldsboro 0.16 CS 1744/0533    
WAYNE 19 3610983729 315 Woodside Dr. Goldsboro 0.003 CS 2577/0192    
WAYNE 20 2694930610 N NC 117 Hwy (Buck Swamp East Side) Pikeville 0.16 RA20 1745/0371    

Spring 2021 Brochure  

1. There is an 11% Buyers Premium added to the high bid price to derive at the contract purchase price for this auction.  An Earnest Money Deposit equal to 11% of the bid price is required by TBD, wire transfers will require an additional $25 fee to be added to the Earnest Money Deposit. The balance will be due at closing along with a $31 recording fee per deed, so if you purchase a JPID with 2 or more PINs associated with it, then you will owe $31 for electronic recording of the deed.

2. The sale of the subject property has a single 10 day upset bid period and is subject to approval by the Board of Transportation and, when necessary, by the Council of State, and these approvals may delay by several months the sale and delivery of the Quitclaim Deed conveying the property.

3. The property will be transferred via Quitclaim Deed and the Buyer is responsible for all recording fees ($31+/- as shown above) associated with the recording of the executed Quitclaim Deed; the Closing will be handled at the respective County Register of Deeds office.

4. All final payment of funds will be made out to NCDOT via a certified or cashier's check, payable at the time of closing and recording of the Quitclaim Deed at the respective County Register of Deeds office.

5. Buyer has physically previewed the property and is aware of any access or potential control of access.

6. Johnson Properties Realtors & Auctioneers, Inc. makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the property. Descriptions of the property are believed to be correct, but are not guaranteed. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to conduct any inspection prior to the auction. Johnson Properties Realtors & Auctioneers, Inc. has attempted to find or locate all information deemed material facts. Ultimately, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to inspect all aspects of the property before placing a bid. No sale shall be invalidated by the Buyer as a result of he/she not conducting their own inspection prior to bidding. It is automatically acknowledged by placing a bid that you have personally inspected the property, hired an agent to inspect the property or waived your right to inspect the property. 

8. All properties are offered “AS IS, WHERE IS” with no warranties either written or implied. Potential buyers are encouraged to research all property attributes (i.e. zoning, lot size, street, water and sewer availability, buildable or non-buildable, easements, encroachments, any governmental or private restrictions, restrictive covenants, etc.) to ensure that the property meets their intended use prior to bidding. The current appropriate county GIS information and aerial representations are provided as a courtesy, but are NOT GUARANTEED.

9. Neither the NCDOT nor Johnson Properties Realtors & Auctioneers, Inc. makes any representation of the condition or suitability of any property for any purpose. All properties are being sold “as is” in their present condition with all faults if any. NCAL: 7340